Cute Skull In A Jar

For Inktober 2018, day 15 I sketched a skull in a jar for prompt ‘ghost’. I liked it so much that I decided to also do a colour version in a kawaii cute style – here it is! Specifically, what I was thinking of when I drew the ghost/skull/plasma in a jar was from the Lockwood & Co series of books by Jonathan Stroud (I highly recommend them, I loved every one of them!) I kind of think it’s appropriate, in a mischievous way, to represent the often offensive, provocative, gurning, shocking skull in a cute way 🙂

Available to buy at the following online stores:

CloudCity7 (best for buying from the UK)
NeatoShop (US)
TeePublic (US and UK)
RedBubble (US)
Threadless (US)
PopupTee (US)

You can find the design on t-shirts in most stores, but also on other products e.g. hoodies, mugs, clocks, duvet covers, shower curtains, bags, phone cases, notebooks etc.