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6 days ago
Photos from Flaming Imp's post

My other entry into this week’s Shirt Woot derby (theme: women) is this. It’s a mother & daughter collaboration - our first!

My daughter came up with the idea and drew the initial sketch I ... See more

6 days ago

I’ve got two entries in the Shirt Woot derby this week (theme: women). The first is this take on a battery logo, because when kids need them mothers just keep on going ... See more

2 weeks ago

Wasn’t happy with my initial entry, so deleted and altered before resubmitting. This Shirt Woot derby is dog themed. Vote for ‘pug and bone’ ... See more

2 weeks ago

Bit late to the party submitting this Shirt Woot derby entry (dogs theme), as my kids are on school holidays. It’s my first ever dogs design and my early attempts to sketch dogs were not good! 😆 ... See more

3 weeks ago

Why should avocados get all the fun? Horse chestnuts like playing too!

Yep, wrong time of year I know. I first sketched this in the autumn, ... See more

1 month ago

‘Micecream’ - my second entry into the Shirt Woot! derby theme of ‘Joke’s On You’. Vote for it here:

Q: What does a cat like to eat on a ... See more

1 month ago

Easter practical yoke - the first of my two entries into the Shirt Woot! derby theme of Jokes On You 🙂 Vote for it here:

1 month ago

New website: Find a design you like and it’ll give you direct links to the places you can buy it 🙂

1 month ago

My Shirt Woot derby entry for the ‘beauty springs forth’ theme this week - a cute mouse amongst the beautiful spring bulb flowers 🙂 Up for voting ... See more

1 month ago
Vote For All You're Worth #2 | poopycakes

My ‘ExpressiveNess’ design has been featured in a blog of the authors three favourite designs up for voting right now on Shirt Woot! This makes me very happy 🙂 ... See more

Thought it would be a super fun idea to pick my fave designs each week up for voting on Shirt.Woot! I think these 3 special shirts deserve a super happy vote! T...

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