Inktober 2018

For the first time, I’m trying to take part in the Inktober 2018 drawing challenge – to draw a quick black and white sketch each day – I’ll see how I get on! I’ll post the sketches I create on this page, and if I end up turning any of them into full designs I’ll link through to the finished product.

Inktober 2018 : Poisonous


Day 1

Prompt used: Poisonous




Inktober 2018: Spooky Tea


Day 2

Prompt used: Spooky Tea




Inktober Noodles



Day 3

A bowl of noodles. (No prompt used, just what I felt like drawing!)





Inktober 2018: turnip head




Day 4

Turnip Head from Howls Moving Castle.




Inktober 2018. Chicken


Day 5

Official prompt: chicken.

Here’s Feathers McGraw from Wallace and Gromit’s The Wrong Trousers.





Inktober 2018. Bat


Day 6

Prompt used: bat.



Inktober 2018. Parasol Waddle Dee

Day 7

No prompt used.

Parasol Waddle Dee from Kirby Star Allies.





Cat in cup

Day 8

No prompt used.

A cat in a cup!





Inktober 2018 Bookworm


Day 9

Prompt used: bookworm.





Inktober2018 Pirate LeChuck

Day 10

Prompt used: pirate.

Here is the pirate LeChuck from the vintage point and click adventure game Monkey Island. I’ve turned this into a full design – view the finished design and where it’s available to buy.





Inktober2018 Spooky Plant



Day 11

Prompt used: spooky plants.






Inktober 2018 whale

Day 12

Prompt used: whale.




At this point I decided it was time I learnt how to do crosshatching and watched a great, short YouTube video on tips on how to do it. You can see the results below!

Inktober 2018 dragon

Day 13

Prompt used: dragon.

Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Available to buy at TeePublic.




Inktober 2018 knight

Day 14

Prompt used: knight

Historic medieval knight’s helmet.

Available to buy at TeePublic.





Inktober 2018 skull in a jar

Day 15

Prompt: ghost.

Here’s a skull in a jar trapped with its ghost. Specifically, I’ve sketched the ghost/skull/plasma in a jar from the Lockwood & Co series of books by Jonathan Stroud (I highly recommend them, I loved every one of them!)

Available to buy at TeePublic.





Inktober 2018 crystals

Day 16

Prompt: angular.

Kawaii cute crystals – I later drew this up properly, see the finished design and where it’s available to buy.




Inktober 2018 mask

Day 17

Prompt: mask.

Here’s Princess Mononoke’s mask from the Studio Ghibli film.





Inktober 2018 fungi


Day 18

Prompt: fungi.






Inktober 2018 scorched

Day 19

Prompt: scorched.

Some kawaii cute marshmallows being toasted.





Inktober 2018 letter

Day 20

Prompt: letter.

A howler, as received by Ron Weasley in Harry Potter.





Inktober 2018 cloud

Day 21

Prompt: cloud.

A cloud of perfume.





Inktober 2018 expensive

Day 22

Prompt: expensive.

A diamond.





Inktober2018 moon

Day 23

Prompt: moon.

Kawaii cute moon.





Inktober2018 eagle

Day 24

Prompt: eagle.







Inktober 2018 hedgehog

Day 25

Prompt: prickly.




Inktober 2018 black cat

Day 26

Prompt: black cat.







Inktober 2018 icecream cart

Day 27

Prompt: ice cream cart.







Inktober 2018 gift

Day 28

Prompt: gift.







Inktober 2018 wings

Day 29

Prompt: wings.

This cute fairy has been turned into a full design, available now in various stores on t-shirts etc.






Inktober 2018 frankenstein

Day 30

Prompt: jolt.

Franhenstein’s monster being jolted with electricity.





Inktober 2018 cauldron

Day 31

Prompt: Cauldron.