When you buy from my Etsy or stores I am the one who personally processes your order. The UK printer I have chosen to work with continually strives to be as environmentally and ethically responsible as possible and all staff are paid above the national living wage, regardless of age. This is what you can expect when you order from me:

Inks used

Products are printed using inks that are water based, eco-friendly and vegan and OEKO-TEX® approved (they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment). Some waste ink is unavoidable, but it is disposed of responsibly.


Packaging used is now completely plastic-free, using creative paper and cardboard products tested to ensure it keeps your order safe. The paper postal mailing bags are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certification. The paper is both compostable and degradable, and paper mailers can be easily recycled, making this an extremely eco-friendly option. The weather-proof parcel protects its contents.


Failed prints or defective garments/ products occasionally occur and these are donated to charity. Waste cardboard and paper involved in production is recycled. Waste ink is disposed of responsibly.

The garments/products themselves

Most of the adult t-shirts you order from me are Gildan t-shirts, as they have a lot of colour choices, are commonly used (therefore the fit should be as you expect) and both the men’s and women’s t-shirt have the same crewneck neckline (rather than a lower more scoopneck for women). Where children’s t-shirts are included in the same product listing as adult t-shirts, selecting between them with a drop-down list, it will also be a Gildan t-shirt for consistency and having the same colour choices. You can find out about Gildan’s ethical policy on their website.

When I separately list children’s t-shirts I use the Stanley/Stella brand. This brand is certified organic and vegan. They have advanced eco-friendly and ethically responsible credentials. Their colour choices are less mainstream which is why I have to list the child t-shirts separately. Find out more about the impressive Stanley/Stella ethical policy in their full, detailed, transparent report (pdf document) on their website.

Tote bags and cushions are produced entirely in the UK by my printer to their high ethical and responsible standards.

I have now introduced greeting cards and flip flops to my range. These are produced by a different printer. The greeting cards are part of the Carbon Capture programme for the Woodland Trust.