Drawing Challenges

I try to take part in popular drawing challenges and you can find a record of the images I’ve created for them here!

Food November 2019

A list of food prompts to draw throughout November.

Blueberry jam

Inktober 2019

The annual drawing challenge encouraging people to draw something every day throughout the month of October.

Space whale drawing

Draw this in your style

Drawing another artist’s picture in my own style – at their invitation/challenge to do so.

Mytilidae (mussel)

August 2019

Animals affected by climate change drawing challenge.

Mermay 2019

The annual Mermay drawing challenge. Since I’m not comfortable drawing people I drew mermaid animals.

Inktober 2018 knight

Inktober 2018

The annual drawing challenge, the purpose of which is to sketch in ink every day to improve your skills. There are official and unofficial prompt lists of ideas to inspire you.