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Making air drying clay animals


A few days ago some belated Christmas presents arrived in the post for my children, which caused some excitement! (After my spending 40 minutes queueing in the rain outside the Royal Mail Delivery Office to collect it!) The above is what my daughter received.

Working on the clay fox

Part of the learning Spanish set is a board game – but before you can play the board game you have to make the animals you will use to play the game! With the packs of coloured air drying clay provided my daughter and husband got to work making a fox and a frog by following the instructions (whilst my 2 year old son and I ran round and round the dining table to music!).

Holding the fox

Here’s my daughter holding the fox. They made a frog too.

Fox and frog

They still have a rabbit and a turtle to make, but my daughter wanted to do those another day. I think they did a great job!

Fox and frog

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1 maggy, red ted art { 01.18.11 at 7:45 am }

Oh what a cute little pair!!! We have been giving some air drying colour clay (actually it is more like FIMO), but I am hoarding it at the moment…… mmmmh, these are very cute though!!!

Maggy x